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Comprehensive Property Maintenance

Residents of St. James, MO, like to spend time outdoors appreciating the natural beauty of their surroundings. St. James is known as the Forest City of the Ozarks and the gateway to the Ozark Scenic Riverways. Bordered by Maramec Spring Park and the 6,500 acre Woods Memorial Area, and located only 30 minutes from the Mark Twain National Forests, St. James offers its residents plentiful opportunities for outdoor adventures. When it’s time to relax, St. James residents enjoy spending time at home with family and friends. A beautifully landscaped yard can be an excellent retreat and a great place to entertain guests. Unfortunately, St. James properties are at the mercy of summer droughts, winter ice and snowstorms and heavy spring rains that can cause your property to flood and your driveway to buckle and crack. Also, the violent storms and tornadoes that occur in St. James can threaten your family’s safety, making it essential for you to have your own storm shelter. The Titan Paving, Yard Drainage and Grading professionals have the critical expertise and specialized equipment to address your commercial or residential property’s unique safety and maintenance needs, making it an outdoor destination you can be proud of!

History in St. James, Missouri

Residents and businesses located near West St. James Boulevard, Route 66, West Washington Street, St. Francis Avenue, Hardy Street, St. Ann Avenue, Courtney Street, Springfield Road, St. James Winery, Meramac Vineyards Winery and throughout this small, vibrant community of St. James rely on Titan to provide them with top-notch professional property maintenance services. Don Mutz and his team of experts deliver an array of excellent property maintenance services to St. James businesses and homes, including yard drainage system design and installation, landscaping, driveway and parking lot paving, and storm shelter design. Over 17 years of experience enables us to expertly assess your St. James property’s needs and provide you with top-notch residential and commercial property maintenance services.

Outdoor Construction Services

Residential & Commercial

Yard Drainage Contractors

Yard Drainage

Without an effective yard drainage system, your residential or commercial property is at the mercy of stormwater runoff that can pool on your land and ruin its appearance. What’s more, drainage issues can cause pools of water to form, attracting insects that can put the health of your customers, pets and family at risk. Water that collects around your home or business’s foundation, porch or deck can cause potentially dangerous structural damage. Ineffective yard drainage also leads to soil erosion, causing your lawn to become a muddy, unattractive mess that won’t support the growth of grass, shrubs or plants. With over 17 years of experience as drainage solutions experts, the Titan team possesses specialized industry knowledge that enables us to diagnose your yard’s drainage problems quickly and accurately. We can create a customized yard drainage solution for your property that includes regrading your land and routing stormwater runoff underground to prevent it from collecting on your yard’s flood-prone areas.

Yard Drainage

Driveway Paving Contractors


Your home’s driveway or business’s parking lot needs to be durable, attractive and flood-free. Over 17 years of experience have given Don’s team of professionals the expertise to assess an array of factors and design a paving and drainage solution that will result in a driveway or parking lot that you can be proud of. Our comprehensive paving services make commercial or residential asphalt installation both cost-effective and convenient for you. Because we have the skills necessary to handle your paving project expertly from planning through completion, you don’t need to waste time and energy juggling the schedules and abilities of multiple contractors. After thoroughly evaluating the elevation, water drainage and stormwater management systems of the area to be paved, we will determine how to design the best stormwater drainage system for your driveway or parking lot. Our drainage system plan will determine how we prepare the area to be paved using specialized equipment that allows us to grade your land accurately and lay drainage pipes at precise angles to prevent future flooding. After we’ve properly prepared your residential or commercial property for paving, we’ll install your asphalt expertly and paint striping as needed, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing, functional driveway or parking lot.


Land Grading Contractor

Precision Land Grading

Improperly graded land collects rainwater and causes flooding that can lead to unsightly and costly damage to your parking lot, driveway, sports fields, sports courts, or the foundation of your home or business. South Central Missouri home and business owners turn to the land leveling experts at Titan for exceptionally accurate land grading services. With GPS and laser guided grading we stand out among land grading companies by determining the precise drainage angle needed to prevent flooding and performing precision land grading that correct drainage problems and provide properly prepared surfaces for paving, concret pouring, landscaping, or sports field construction. You can depend on Titan’s land grading services to improve the curb appeal of your property and prevent extensive and costly water damage by cutting, filling and smoothing soil to reshape and level the surface of your land accurately.

Land Grading

Landscaper & Masonry

Landscaping & Masonry

Do you dream of entertaining guests in a beautifully groomed, well-appointed yard? Do you wish the property surrounding your business were more inviting to your customers? Titan can make your dreams come true with our comprehensive line of landscaping services that will make a drastic improvement to the appearance and value of your residential or commercial property. We’re known not only for one-time services like landscape design and installation, tree stump removal, outdoor fireplace design and installation, pond, lake and waterfall design and installation, retaining wall construction, and step installation, but also for our professional landscape maintenance and upkeep services. The landscape experts at Titan will combine our exceptional skills with your vision to make an enduring improvement to your residential or commercial property.


Outdoor Kitchen Contractors

Outdoor Kitchens

Titan can transform the outdoor living space of your home or restaurant with a customized outdoor kitchen that makes your property a sought-after destination. Allow us to make the most of your yard and extend your functional living space by designing and installing a luxurious outdoor kitchen and bar area where guests look forward to congregating. Titan’s experienced designers will configure a comfortable outdoor kitchen and patio area that optimizes your yard, providing you with plenty of functional space for both cooking and relaxing. With a wide array of materials available to suit your style preferences, we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen that makes you proud to entertain guests!

Outdoor Kitchens

Storm Shelter Contractors

Storm Shelters

The prevalence of harsh thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes in Missouri makes it crucial for you and your family to be prepared for a weather emergency at all times. Making sure your family is prepared for sudden weather emergencies dramatically increases their chances of survival. The professionals at Titan can help you be prepared when a natural disaster strikes your residential or commercial property. Don can design and install a sturdy, easily accessible under or above ground shelter for your residential or commercial property that withstands up to a category five hurricane and wind speeds of over 90 mph. Our tornado shelters exceed wind load codes provided by your township. What’s more, our expertise in stormwater management enables us to provide you with an effective yard drainage system that makes an underground storm shelter a safe, accessible and dependable refuge for your family or employees.

Storm Shelters

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Paving Company Review

Highly Recommend for Storm Shelter Installation!

We love living in Rola, but I knew I’d feel better knowing we had a safe place to shelter during the more serious storms that pass through now and again. My neighbor recommended Don Mutz from Titan because he does more than just install shelters. Don was great to work with and took a comprehensive approach to evaluating my storm preparedness needs. He made sure my land was properly prepared by re-grading it and designing and installing an efficient stormwater drainage system. Eliminating flooding ensured we’re able to get in and out of the shelter when we need to, and has also improved the appearance of our yard. I can’t say enough great things about Titan!

~ Matt S., St. James, MO 65559
(Angie's List Review)

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Why St. James Home and Business Owners Love Titan

Using our unique diagnostic approach to evaluate and solve property maintenance issues accurately has earned us the trust of St. James home and business owners. Don Mutz dedicates himself to providing custom-designed solutions that enhance the functionality and appearance of your St. James residential or commercial property.

Property Maintenance Expertise

Don Mutz has more than 17 years of property maintenance experience, making him the area’s expert for yard drainage, landscaping and paving solutions, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and storm shelter installation. Titan’s technical expertise provides us with the ability to evaluate your St. James, MO property’s maintenance needs and implement an excellent solution!

Customized, Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that every property has its unique characteristics. As such, we’ll never offer you a “cookie-cutter” solution to your St. James home or business’s drainage and landscaping needs. The professionals at Titan will design for you a customized water drainage system and landscape design that fits your budget and is geared toward the specific characteristics of your St. James property.

Specialized Equipment

We ensure that every job is done accurately and with minimal damage to your property by using advanced technology and specialized equipment to design and install customized yard drainage systems, landscaping, driveways and parking lots.

Outstanding Customer Service

We’re known among our St. James clients for making their property maintenance projects stress-free and uncomplicated for them. We consistently earn recommendations from our clients, who know we always stand behind our work!

If you want a team of highly experienced professionals to enhance the appearance, safety and functionality of the property surrounding your St. James home or business, call Titan today at (908) 654-4944! Don Mutz provides every St. James client with exceptional customer service and customized, cost-effective paving, landscaping, yard drainage, outdoor kitchen and storm shelter solutions that deliver enduring improvements to their homes and businesses.

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The professionals at Titan have the wisdom, expertise and specialized equipment to diagnose and correct your property’s maintenance issues and enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial property. Don Mutz is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and developing customized, cost-effective yard drainage, paving, landscaping and storm shelter solutions that will result in enduring improvements to your home or business. We consistently deliver outstanding results that earn us positive reviews from our clients.

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